How To Make 2023 Your Most Powerful & Profitable Year Ever.

Introducing the 2-Day Virtual Year End Summit - "Impossible Games Edition"

Introducing the
2-Day Virtual Year End Summit
"Impossible Games Edition"

In this 2-Day Virtual Experience, Setema will personally introduce you to the "Prosperity Protocol" - an elite set of principles responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, hundreds of relationships and families saved, and thousands of lives transformed - all through the simple truth that you can achieve the "impossible" so much faster than you think.

"We Got More Done In The Last The Last 12 Weeks Than We Did In The Last Year!"

- Russ & Debbie Taylor
Orange County, CA

Two Day Live Virtual Event.

Dec 8-9th, 2022. 9AM-5PM CST. 

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Are You Ready To Do The Impossible?

Join Setema & his Inner Circle clients live & make 2023 the most fulfilling and productive year of your life.

Your 2-Day Virtual Event Curriculum Includes:

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Module #1:

2022 Review

Perhaps the biggest mistake we make is we don’t look back and account for our actions. You have to know exactly where you are before you can decide where you want to go.

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Module #2:

Current Reality

Here, you're going to get “on the scale” in every area of your life. A radically honest accounting of 2022’s results. Real talk and real introspection. What you need to keep, cut, & shift.

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Module #3:

Clarity & Power

The “science” of outcome achievement and living a high integrity. You will learn to “become your word” and develop a way of being that will fill you with power and certainty.

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Module #4:

The Impossible

There are 3 types of RESULTS you can plan for - Reasonable, Radical, & Impossible. All the fun and power in life is in setting Impossible goal and then achieving with incredible speed.

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Module #5:

Unlock Unleash

Deep dive training exercises unlike any time management or goal setting systems you’ve tried before. This is Real, Raw, and Relevant all in the pursuit of one thing - MASSIVE RESULTS.

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Module #6:

2023 Road Map

You now have your impossible game set up. Next we MAP it. Reverse engineer every step & benchmark with 12 month goal, 12-week season, weekly High Value Targets, and daily ATMs.




CEO at Kids On The Move

Rachelle Rutherford

"Since my coaching began, I have lost 27 pounds, 33.7 inches and 6% body fat. I made a mental shift in the physical area of my life; I now know that I have absolute power over my physical body. In my for-profit business, the dollar volume of closed transactions increased by 106%, more than double the same period the previous year. At the multi-million-dollar non-profit I operate, we increased donations by $2.1 million and increased our operating income by nearly 17% over the previous year."


President at Gateway Waterproofing & Restoration

Levi Te'o

"Setema helped me relearn how to be a father. As much as I hated certain things about the way I grew up, it was what I saw. It was what I knew. And I started to repeat it. After joining Circle of Champions, it's really helped me see other ways of parenting and building the type of relationships I wanted with my children. Now, I can listen to them be present with them. That’s something I could never do before. I learned to CONFRONT! Confront my own inner demons. Now I face hard things head on."


Corporate Broker at Signature Real Estate Group

Vandana Bahla

"I had hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, but because I had a house and a car and could eat out often, I was comfortable with it all. I made decent money and spent decent money. After the event, I put several plans in place to take my business to the next level. I paid off my car within 4 months and my house the following year. I started a 6 figure coaching business which never existed prior to working with Setema. I now coach people across the nation to elevate their own lives and businesses."



Jayson Merchant

"I was 250 lbs. overweight, 52% body fat, diabetic when I met Setema. My body was literally more fat than muscle because I was not willing to confront myself or tell the truth. I was hiding. With Setema's help, and the help of the Coaches, I have dropped more than 130 lbs. and 15% body fat, AND I am no longer a diabetic. My confidence is at an all time high, I know my purpose, and my business has grown exponentially. In 2022 alone I have created $100K in passive income with Setema's help."


Regional Branch Manager at Prosperity Lending

Shelley Panzarella

"I reached a personal income level this year that I’d only dreamt of in years past. Literally, I would not have believed it was possible just 18 months ago. And it all happened in the middle of so much craziness and so many unknowns in the marketplace and in the world in general. Without Circle of Champions, I couldn't have had the mindset and the resilience to keep pushing for my goals through all of the noise.I’m creating things that would never exist if I didn’t have the vision and just go execute on it."


Chief Executive Officer at Miller Ad Agency

Erik Radle

"Before Setema I was two things to my children: an ATM machine and a disciplinarian. I was a provider, not a father. My daughters were strangers to me in almost every way. By making each of them a priority on a daily basis, taking time to be fully present with them, and letting them know how much they mean to me, the world has changed forever. My only regret is that I did not find Setema earlier in my life. With tears in my eyes as I write this, I owe Setema a debt that can never be repaid."

My Personal Invitation to YOU.


"You Can Have Anything You Want In Life, If You're Willing To Pay The Price."

These words changed my life, perhaps as much as any words I've ever heard or read. They are 100% true my friend. If you want something, you can have it. But everything has a price. 

The price of greatness is clarity, accountability, and daily action. The payoff is freedom, fulfillment, legacy, and purpose. Likewise, the price of mediocrity is boredom, scarcity, stress, fear, and doubt. The payoff is you you don't have take responsibility for your life, you can cruise through life and blame others for your problems. The choice is yours. 

If you're done playing small and no that the dreams inside of your heart are there for a reason, then I personally invite you to join me for the most incredible 2 day experience of your life. You will come away a different person. You will level up. You will transform. You will be unrecognizable as you head into 2023 with new levels of certainty, power, and clarity than you've ever experienced before. 

That's what I do for my clients. That is what I will do for you when you apply and register for the 2 Day Virtual Year End Summit.

I'll see you there. 

-Coach Setema

2022 IS ENDING. 

Radical results are often driven by very simple actions. Simple decisions. Like deciding to invest in yourself and your future. Make the decision now. My methods and training style are not for everyone. But if you're still here reading this page, then I know one thing - THEY ARE FOR YOU. Let's go champ.

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