Power  |  Leadership  |  Legacy
Power  |  Leadership  |  Legacy
Join Setema Gali and an amazing room full of other ‘Prosperity Revolutionists’ at this year’s PRO REV LIVE!
“We’ve Got BIG Plans For You At This Year’s 
Your Revolution Package Includes:
- 13 Principles ($197.00 Value) My original and still most beloved training - 13 Hour Long Audio trainings each cover principles, insights & distinctions for people who want to live powerfully and creates results that matter. 

- Build Your Inner Champion ($497.00 Value) My “motivation doesn’t work, so do this instead” guide to playing life like champion and winning big in physically, spiritually, relationally and financially. Elite athletes, performers and entrepreneurs don’t share a specific DNA. What they share is “the mind of a champion” and this program will get you waking up each day with the power to win. 

- The Prosperity Blueprint / Clarity is Power ($2,495 Value) My 6-step system for creating literally any result you want in your life. This program breaks down the systematic approach for taking an idea from dream, to plan, to execution to reality. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing something great, but wondered if you really could - this program is for you. 

- Influence & Persuasion ($497.00 Value) My entry-level training on how to have powerful conversations with prospects, clients, partners, influencers and employees to get them to see your vision and take action. If you know you have a message inside of you but have been stopped by fear of “selling” or promoting it to the world, these 5 lessons will remove the roadblocks and get you moving toward your goals with power & certainty.

- Seasons of Power ($3,995 Value) My flagship program for business owners and entrepreneurs. Covers all four phases of the game of business - marketing, sales, recruiting and leadership AND how to do them all with power, authenticity, integrity and happiness. If you started your business with huge dreams but now find yourself stuck grinding away to pay the bills - this program will transform every area of your life into pure abundance.

- Business Breakthrough ($997 Value) My “skills-training” program delivered to high-level business owners and executives including mastery of time-management, delegation, team-building, leadership, mentoring, maintaining focus and carity, high-performance and more.

- Ticket To ProRev Live Dallas ($1,300) A ticket to my 3 Day Live “Prosperity Revolution” Training in Dallas Texas, Oct 25-27th. Come join the revolution as I take you from where you are now to exactly where you want to be. The lights, the stage, the people, the energy, the stories, the principles, the transformations… it’s all yours with your ticket to ProRev Live Dallas 2018.

- FB Live Coaching ($2,495 Value) Purchase your ticket package now join us in a private ‘revolution-only’ Facebook group - just for powerful people like you who’ve seen the vision and purchased the package. I’ll be doing special live trainings just for members from now until the event starts. My intention is to overload you with power and I know that you’ll have 10X the value of what you paid before you even show up to the event. I’m Polynesian man, what can I say. Stuffing people full of goodness in our blood.
This is $12,475 Worth of Training, and applying only a fraction of what’s contained here will pay you back handsomely many times over.
All of this... for ONLY $500.
VIP Tickets Include:
 - Priority VIP Seating In The Ballroom
 - Limited Edition "The Huddle" Polo Shirt
 - "Pro Rev Live" Leather Journal
 - Access to VIP Lounge (snacks, couches, charging)
 - Private Registration (skip the line)
 - Meet & Greet with Coach Setema & Coach Nate
 - Private Breakfast with Setema & Other VIPs
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